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Domain Names for a Personal Website Revisited

By Charles L Harmon

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Long and short domain names

Domain names, just what are they? They are the equivalent of a business name, a personal name, or any name of a website on the Web that people can go to just by typing in the given domain name. So in that respect it is an also an address, a unique one at that. No one else will have your domain name or Internet address.

Are you are thinking of getting a personal website, but have no particular future plans for it yet? Well join the crowd. Lots of us probably have that in mind. Unless you are familiar with the Internet, have gotten information from friends, or read up on it, you may be at a loss of how to proceed.

Firstly maybe you should think about the situation a little bit more. Maybe you can tie your personal website to something important happening in your life. Or maybe something you like such as your hobby. Your domain name could reflect that choice. Of course it could also be your actual name.

If you are thinking if getting a domain name that is exactly the same as your real name be prepared for disappointment if your name is a common one. There aren’t too many domain names available for common names because most of them have been taken during the time the Web has grown and become the all pervasive force it has become in many countries.

graffitiNow when I say there are not many common names available I am speaking of domain names ending with the .com extension. That is the most popular extension. I would suggest you try to get a dot com name if at all possible. If you ever did decide to sell your website it would be more valuable if it had a .com name. Also when people are searching or even entering in domain names from memory people are used to seeing and thinking about dot com names.

On your personal website you could have things relating to your personal life or interests. You could have a blog or a website without a blog or that is not a blog, but you would be at a disadvantage as far as the search engines go. They like fresh new content and a blog is a good way to get people to interact with your website.

As far as naming your website try to give it a name that will represent the content of the website as much as possible. If you do name it your personal name then try to have the content of your site in specific categories if possible, so it will be easier to get traffic to your site and visitors will find it easier to navigate to the various categories or sections of the site. Here is an example of a personal website,, my own, that has categories plus other non related things on the site.

You can have a personal website about a topic you are interested in yet still try to make some money from it. You could promote related products on it but still have it be about something you really are interested in. In a case like that it’s best to have a domain name related to the topic of the site instead of your own name.

An example of such a site and domain name related to the theme of its contents is That site has information about Alzheimer’s disease and a case study of one of its residents in a facility that cares for them. It also has some ads which help pay for the hosting costs for the site.

Think seriously about the name you want for your website before you register it because you will be stuck with it (at least for a year) once you register it. Any way you look at it, it can be a good feeling to have your own website out there on the Web.