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Domain Name Considerations for More Traffic

By Charles L Harmon

seo imageWhen thinking about a domain name for your website you might think it not so important since the content on your site is the important thing on the site. Well you might be right, depending on who you talk to or what you’ve heard or read. Regardless, your domain name is the first thing a prospective visitor sees in most cases if they have to type it into a browser. Choosing a domain name is a very important part of your website marketing strategy.

If you’re able to choose a domain name that targets at least one, but not all of the specific keywords in a phrase for your website, you should find it helps to flood your website with targeted traffic. Visitors to your site are more likely to buy or signup, or do whatever action you want them to do. It should enhance your click-through response.

You should try to pick a domain name that gives your prospects what they are desperately looking for. By including the keywords in your domain name that are your customers desires, making sure they are in your marketing messages and your website content, you can’t help but bring more traffic to your website.

However, due to recent updates in Google’s algorithms you need to be extra careful not to overdo it. Google is very fickle and doesn’t tell you exactly what they are looking for. Lately they seem to be targeting sites with over optimized content. Also there appears to be another such update targeting links coming into a website from external sources. Thirdly, although it has been a good practice the past few years, now Google appears to be clamping down on websites with exact keywords in the domain name people are searching for. That’s why above I said not to use all the keywords in a phrase for the domain name.

sawhorseIf you are wondering what your customers really want you’ll need to determine what you’re really selling. Often times it is not a product, but what the product will do for the customer. What type of pressing problem it will solve or eliminate. Keep in mind few people know, or care what the product looks like or the features of the product or availability. The only things they are interested in are the results, what your product will accomplish for them. It really just boils down to what’s in it for me as far as the potential customer is concerned.

You must start thinking about what your customer’s deepest desires are. You need to turn your product or service features into “benefits” so you’ll be able to push their hot buttons and flood traffic to your website in the process.

Here is the easiest way to turn features into benefits. List all the features of your product or service on a piece of paper. Remember a feature is a characteristic of something: size, weight, color, speed, and the likes. Then turn each feature one by one into a benefit for your customer. Always think “What’s-in-it-for-me?” as if you were the customer. Would I save money? Will it give me more energy like a youngster? More friends? More money? More power or prestige? What will it give me that I really want desperately?

yield signTargeted keywords and targeted domain names are capable of huge traffic driving potential, provided you research your market and satisfy its real needs, benefits, and desires. You need to research your market and find the powerful keywords to market with. Once you do, you’ll be able to use your domain name to create specific ad campaigns that are targeted to specific markets. That’s true even if your website offers multiple products and services to visitors.

If you really wanted to, you might be able to come up with a domain name that works like a headline of a classified ad. Break a headline down and you’ll notice several different parts. It should offer a hint of desire with a hint of information about a solution to a specific problem, provide a benefit, satisfy a need, or invoke curiosity and have a call to action. As many of these headline characteristics as possible should be in your domain name. When doing this, try and phrase the keywords into something short, catchy and easy to remember. Make sure there are no words that sound one way but might be spelled two different ways. In most cases try to keep your domain name a maximum of three words.

traffic signIf there is any way possible, one of the main jobs of your domain name is to act like a headline. By doing so it should drive targeted traffic to your site by tempting your customers. With the right words, hopefully they will get that feeling. Most domain names will not be doing this so you will have an advantage over them.

If you can do this, temp them to click your domain name, then you will be ahead of the game. You’ll find that not only will you do better in your search engine rankings; you’ll also attract a lot more attention if you use pay per click ads or any other type of advertising.