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Some Considerations for Choosing a Domain Name for Your Website

By Charles L Harmon

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Long and short domain names

Many people today are building their own websites for personal or business reasons. Some websites are for simple online brochures, some are for online stores, some act as a simple business card, and some are content sites which have information about a certain topic.

Your website is an important factor in your business. Same is true for a personal website if you want it to be successful. So whether you are building it as a simple online brochure, an online store, or really for almost any reason, naming it can be almost as important as naming your own child. This is especially true for a business. So it is a nice move to invest some time in naming it or making it as a brand for whatever your site is about.


Buying an Existing Domain Name

Often times, however, it is much faster and easier to look at existing domain names offered for sale to give you ideas or even to purchase such domains. It can be a real time saver and the results of a carefully selected domain name can sometimes be the difference between success or failure as far as a website is concerned. You will later find your carefully selected domain name stays with you for a long time if your site is successful.


Keywords in Your Domain Name can be Important

When you decide on your website domain name you should take note of a few necessary considerations for a great domain name. It is important to know that a website domain name on the internet speaks a lot about your site and maybe you. So if you want your website domain name to be easily remembered, you must consider it carefully to make that happen.


In choosing a domain name for your site, try to look for a domain name that includes or is the name of your company. If you have a very long company name this may not be practical. Aside from that, it is important to think of some website topic keywords that you can include in your domain name. Even one keyword in the name can be an asset and can help bring more traffic to your website.


Some Keyword Domain Name Websites

As an example of a website with one important keyword in the domain visit That’s a site with a case history of an Alzheimer’s disease person plus other information about Alzheimer’s disease. The daze part of the domain name might not seem relevant, but in reality, not to make fun of it, Alzheimer’s or dementia persons are often in a daze, something you will notice if you take care of them.

For example my site has a domain name that has two, even three keywords in it. Those keywords help to bring more traffic to it than if I had words or a word as the domain name that was not related to the content of the site.

There is an exception, however, if you choose a short domain name that is not related to your site but is one you choose to brand as a word that represents your website. This also can include made up words like, which is the domain name for my travel related site.



A Branded Domain Name Site

Furthermore, unless you choose a word as a brand for your site, you should be aware that the domain name you choose describes the content of your website. It is somewhat awkward to find some domain names do not fit to the website content. An example of a site with a brand name is Although the domain name has two words in it the Words Safari Kay signifies the site is about safaris and the travel agent is Kay. This name has caught on and people now look for Safari Kay and it is also a site that links to her other travel site.


Other Domain Name Considerations

Some experts also put emphasis on adding your site to an internet directory like based upon the domain name. You should check to see if your website domain name involves any words that are spelled differently in different parts of the world, like the word color and color. If so, for you not to add confusion for visitors, you should register both versions of such domain names where possible.

Since there are so many new websites coming online every day and the number of new domain name registrations increase every month, finding the right domain name might be tough. So you must do your research and keep a few website domain names in mind or even have a combination of words in mind when you are still searching for a domain name. Purchasing a domain name today may be expensive in the event you do not find any new names you make up that are available. There are some domain websites, however, that offer numerous hand selected domains for reasonable cost.


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Beware of Unscrupulous Website Design Companies

Here is a case where a business could not get its domain name back from a company that it used to create and host their original site. They wanted me to create a new, more user friendly site for them and host it. I searched available domain names and found two or three that were variations of their preferred domain name which the unscrupulous company that designed their original site was now offering to sell them.

Kat Daddy Breweries thought they owned the name since it was their business name and they made it up, but unfortunately the design company registered it in their name, not the name of their client as they should have. I advised Kat Daddy to go with one of the names I had found. They did and have been very happy with it. I even registered another similar name for them and redirected it to their new site which I had created for them. Redirecting one or more additional domain names offers another possible keyword domain for people to find their site.


Domain Name Extensions

The domain name extension is also part of the necessary information in choosing the right domain name. If you are in the USA then only the .com extension should be the one you consider. Also try to make sure that there is no such domain name in another country that is the same as yours, but with a different extension, such as

Once you register a domain name it is yours for at least a year and no one else can have that name. Just make sure you renew it before it expires and you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your website. Create your website and spend some time promoting it for the best results. The key to making any money from your website is to get a lot of traffic to it, and that’s true regardless what type of site it is.