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Choosing a Domain Name for Branding

By Charles L Harmon

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If you want a presence on the web you can get that by having your own or a company website. There are other options for having a website, but having your own personal or business website is the best. But before you can have a website that you can call your own you need to select a domain name, which is the internet address of your website. Like your home address, there are no duplicates when it comes to web addresses, all are unique.


Why choose a domain name as a Brand?

This is good question and it may not apply to everyone. Let’s say I am starting a new business. I already have chosen my company name and it is registered with the necessary authorities.

My new company is called Unusual Internet Info Revealed and I will be adding unusual internet information to the website, which is the crux of the business. Later on if the site gets heavy traffic to it I might also sell unusual products. OK, so now I need to get my domain name. So what domain name do I choose?

First let’s start with the domain name itself. My company, Unusual Internet Info Revealed, is a rather long name but still could work since it is the name of the company. So I guess I should register ‘,’ or ‘’ or’, or something similar right?

Well yes and no. Those names really are too long, if a shorter name can be found. In this particular case, since it’s not a physical product I am selling, and none of those words really tell the whole story, it begs a question. Why not create a brand for myself and see if I can find a really short name that I can brand to mean what my site is about?


Domain Name Considerations

When you register a domain name you need to consider a few important factors:

  • What is the purpose of the domain?
  • Is its purpose corporate or company branding?
  • Is it to drive traffic to my website?
  • Is it easy to type into the browser?
  • Is it easy to remember?
  • Is it easy to spell with no confusing words?
  • It has a .com extension


.com imgWell if my company is ‘Google’ , ‘Facebook’, ‘MacDonalds’, ‘Yahoo’ or similar, then I guess branding is all important. But even Unusual Internet Info Revealed ‘ wants to get lots of traffic to the site and become a household name, if possible. My main priority is to generate website traffic and the more traffic to the site the better.

I am publishing hard to find information on the internet. People who are inquisitive or interested in unusual knowledge are my target market and my unique selling position is such information is available on my site.


So what has this got to do with my domain name?

So what has this got to do with my domain name? Everything! Since my entire company name is so long it is not advisable to use it as my domain name. The domain name is a factor when it comes to ranking on search engines. But lately in 2012, Google seems to give more importance to other factors so a brandable domain name might be just the ticket to an easy to remember and hopefully somewhat related name to my company. The majority of free search engine traffic comes from Google so it is wise to consider them when it comes to getting search engine traffic to your site.

Search engines generally provide the majority of website traffic to websites unless one pays for advertising to send the majority of traffic to the site. Some traffic to a site will come from external links going to the site. Other traffic might come to a site from such well-known sites like Facebook and Twitter and other social sites.


Domain Names are Important

In past studies, it has been discovered that the domain name itself counts for about 30% of the total factors that the search engines deem important when it ranks websites in its index. The domain name apparently is a ranking factor in itself. So it is THAT important!


What makes a higher ranking domain name?

  1. Short is best. The shorter the domain the higher the ranking.
  2. The domain should include the keyword for which you wish to rank high. If this is not possible be sure to include the keyword or related keywords on the home page of your site or in the metatags.
  3. A relevant related keyword to the content of a site may help if the above conditions can’t be met. (See the word yolky below)


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Going for a Short 4-letter Domain Name

In the case of ‘Unusual Internet Info Revealed’ it is to publish unusual information so the domain name should contain info, information, unusual info, etc., since there is no single word that adequately explains exactly what the site is about.

The ideal solution for my particular case would be to get a 4-letter domain name, if possible. would be the ideal domain name, if it were possible to get. Such a domain is easy to remember, short, and best of all are the initials of the words in my company name. It will probably get higher ranking in the search engines than if I used my whole company name or parts of it in the domain name.

Well what do you know? Surprise! I was able to get such a short, memorable domain name for the site. This is not always possible. If such a short four-letter domain is desirable and you have not decided on the name of your company or venture, you just might want to check out available 4-letter domains that might fit the idea of your company.

Four letter .com names are usually premium domain names and as such can command high or very high prices. So this route of getting such 4-letter domains is definitely not for everyone. The reason such short .com domain names are often high priced is because several years ago all of the available four letter dotcom names were registered. Compared to longer .com names there are very few of these that were available. In order to get a four letter .com domain name you have to buy it from someone or possibly get it from a domain auction. But if such a domain is available and is priced within your budget, then it may be a great asset to your business.


Example Brandable Names

Here is another example of a 4-letter domain name That name even has the keyword in the name. Such domains are very rare, especially with keywords in them, compared to longer domain names, so if you can get one it just may boost the value of your website.

Here is an example of a 5-letter domain name That name has a related keyword as the name. Like 4-letter brandable domains, such domains are fairly rare compared to longer domain names, and likewise if you can get one it could boost the value of your website in addition to making it easy to type in and remember the name.

A 5-letter domain name is for sale if you click it and go to the site. That name is an actual dictionary word and the name of a river. It might make a good brandable name for an organization or company.

An 8-letter domain name was one of my sites. It’s not for sale, unless I get an offer I cannot refuse. That name is a name I made up years ago for the site which was originally a site with online dating information. See how the made-up word unlonely makes a nice brand for the site which is about relationships and dating. Note: This domain has since been sold and the site taken down.

A 5-letter domain name is for sale if you click it and go to the site. That name is a great name for any business selling boxes, cartons or even boxed gifts, etc. It could make a good brandable name for someone, that is if it is still available, or I haven’t decided to use it myself. I really like the name so I might take it off the market at any time.

http imageA 7-letter domain name is for sale if you click it and go to the site. That name is a great name for a review site. It could make a good brandable name for any type of review site or a directory of review sites. Revuist is an actual dictionary word and that makes the name even more valuable than otherwise. I haven’t decided to use it myself, but I may at any time. I like this name too and might take it off the market at any time.

If you are interested in buying any of the above mentioned brandable names that are for sale you can purchase them directly from my registrar. It is not easy to find such short brandable names, especially that are many years old like those, because people with then normally are not selling them since good domain names go up in value as the years go by. Don’t wait too long if you are interested in those or any of the other domain names available through this site as many of the names are sold and replaced with different names. for saleMy is a great brandable domain name that someone could make good use of – that is if I don’t decide to use it myself. If this interests you don’t wait too long. I have ideas of using it to document some of my travels long ago on US Route 66 back when I had my little red 63 Corvette Sting Ray and drove across the country. Also my blue 69 Corvette carried me on US Route 66 from Los Angeles to Chicago and back several times. Lots of nostalgia even thinking about it.

One more 5-letter domain name is for sale if you click it and go to a different site. That name will make a good brandable name. You can probably think of other uses for the name.

There are also a few great domains for sale on this related site, Domain Sam.

Higher ranking means more traffic, which in turn means more sales & profits or more ad clicks and profits. So when it comes to purchasing your domain name make search engine ranking a high priority. Also consider using a short, memorable, brandable domain name if your business or business name warrants it.