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A Few Hints for Picking Domain Names

By Twinty Karat

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Long and short domain names

When considering domain names one can sometimes come up with a good name just by thinking about it and what your business or website is about. Many, if not most times, the good names you come up with are already taken or not available. Sometimes there is a website on that domain if you type it into a browser, other times not so.

Most of the time you want to select a domain name that is closely related to whatever your business is about. That way when people do a search using words related to your business they have a good chance of finding you. The same thing applies to websites whether a business is associated with it or not.

Sometimes One Keyword is Enough

one way signMany times the ideal domain name that has the words in it that exemplifies your business is not available. Often, however you can find a domain name that has one of the important keywords in it. Sometimes that is better than an exact match for the words or phrase you desired. That’s because Google now seems to be penalizing sites that have exact match domain names that match search phrases that people type into their browsers. In most cases you need as much free traffic as you can get so heeding what Google wants may be a wise choice.

Here are a few domain names illustrating names with one important keyword in them:


Here are a few tips to consider when selecting a domain name.

  1. Always try to go with a .com name if at all possible. That’s the the name virtually everyone associates with the Internet. Any other Top Level Domain (TLD) like .org or .net is likely to confuse people, unless it sounds better than the .com. For those who like in other countries other than the USA domain names like or similar might be the standard.
  2. Use as few letters or words as possible to describe what you do. For example if you owned Jewelry Is My Passion then would be a perfect match, if it’s not taken, of course. That whole name would have been too and every additional letter is a potential typing error.
  3. jar

  4. Do not include any dashes or meaningless numbers. If it’s a choice between and, take the .net. Normally .net is not acceptable, but in this case it is probably better that a domain name with dashes in it. Nowadays no one remembers to put dashes or numbers in domain names and it is out of style, unlike the old days of the internet. Do not use numbers either unless they are an integral part of the name like
  5. If you have a domain name that’ rather vague you can get a good logo and add it in several places on your website. You can make up a slogan that will reinforce the name in visitor’s minds. This can be a good value for your money and potentially attract more people to your site. You might be surprised at the results.
  6. If you can’t come up with a descriptive domain name, think about branding your site with a short, memorable, unique domain name. Pick a short name that will stick in people’s minds. It helps to get a nice logo to go with the name and include both the name and logo prominently on your site. If you advertise then also include it in your advertising and marketing. That’s what branding is and it works. You’ll see this used frequently on a lot of the major sites or companies.


Buying an Existing Domain Name

Here is where you can check out some existing domain names for sale that may fit your needs without breaking the bank.

If you can come up with a great name yourself that’s available to register, that’s great. But often that’s not the case. If that happens to you then go to a site that sells domain names, and search for a name that describes your business. Make sure it’s a dotcom name and if it looks good, grab it. Sometimes domain names go fast, especially if it’s a good one. Well what’s good for one person may not be good for another so take your time and you should be OK. Follow the guidelines above to help you choose a good name for your business or website.