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By Charles L Harmon

Tobol River conjunction photo

Confluence of the Irtysh and Tobol rivers. [Tobolsk]
From the Prokudin-Gorskii Collection 1912
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Do you have an idea for a business or website with content related to water in some fashion or form?

If so just might be the perfect way to brand such a business or site. It’s a very short 5-letter domain that’s easy to type into a browser and quite memorable.

Tobol is actually a river. Tobol is a river in Kurgan and Tyumen Oblasts in Russia and Kazakhstan, left tributary of the Irtysh. The length of the Tobol River is 1591 km. The lower reaches of the river freeze up in late October – November, the upper reaches in November. It stays under the ice until the second half of April – early May. The Tobol River was one of the four important rivers of the Khanate of Sibir. In 1428 the khan was killed in a battle with the forces of Abu’l-Khayr Khan at the Battle of Tobol.

Water, what kind of business could be concerned with water or ice? Here in the United States a big and growing business is that of selling bottled water. Such bottles of water can be found in so many places including stores and venues that sell food, snacks, sandwiches, and many other non-food items.

I just visited the San Diego zoo this past Sunday and sure enough there was bottled water at one of the food concessions. Tobol would be a great brand for a company selling bottled water since Tobol is a river. Tobol would also be a great name of brand for a company selling ice.

www and box imageWay back in 2004 I registered this domain. It was during a period when I first became interested in domain names. It was one of over one hundred dictionary words I registered. Most of these have long since expired, a few were sold years ago, while a very few I kept for possible development at a later date. Tobol is one of those domains; however my plans have changed over the years so now it is up for sale.

I always thought the nice sound of Tobol and the easy spelling would be a great benefit if I decided to use it myself or in the event I decided to sell it. With such a short domain name, plus it being unusual, at least in this country, most people would remember it and that’s a good thing for those who would make repeat visits to your site.

After some serious thought about this domain,, I am putting it up for sale. I’ve never promoted it or any of my other domains for sale until a month or so ago so this is the first time anyone will know about it unless they happened to type in the name in a browser before.

on sale signConsider this domain carefully if you have a business or site related to water. That’s just the obvious use of the domain, but your creative ideas can surely find many other possible uses for the domain and very useful as a brand for many different type of businesses.

Add your comments on how Tobol could be a great domain name for other types of businesses or websites.

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