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US Route 66a Nostalgia Domain Name

By Charles L Harmon

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U.S. Route 66 (US 66 or Route 66), also known as the Will Rogers Highway and sometimes known as the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was a major highway within the U.S. Highway System.

US Route 66A nostalgia domain name is a great domain name for anyone interested in almost anything nostalgia related, especially things associated with U.S. Route 66 or the alternate U.S. Route 66A. One of the original U.S. Highways, Route 66 was established on November 11, 1926. Road signs for the new highway were erected the following year.

U.S. Route 66, which became one of the most famous roads in America, originally ran from Chicago, Illinois, through Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California, before ending at Los Angeles, covering a total of 2,448 miles (3,940 km). It was recognized in popular culture by both a hit song and the Route 66 television show in the 1960s.

US66a Alternate Routes

Alternate Route US 66a was a business loop of United States Route 66 highway. Route 66 was the highway when we drove to California from Chicago when I was eighteen years ago. As we passed through various cities along the way many had a US 66A Business Loop. That’s an alternate route of US 66 that went through the city or town. This was common when there were many businesses not directly on the main route. Route 66 was replaced by an Interstate Highway System long ago, but there are still remnants of it in various states. Even in California where I live one can still see short segments of it in San Bernardino and a few other cities in Southern California.

US66a – a Short Domain to Brand your Site

For anyone that wants a domain name that reminds one of “the good old days” this is a signature domain that does the job well. I originally intended to put up a site that showed some of the original highlights of US Route 66. As a domain showcasing nostalgia items, attractions, and other things of the past, is an excellent choice.

It’s a very short, 5-character descriptive .com domain that could be used for many purposes. It could make a nice brand for someone who wanted a short easy to remember name that signified their company or website.

US Route66 map

U.S. Route 66
Will Rogers Highway: Click image for picture credits

You could easily use it for a personal website with content about US Route 66. Find out about business and attractions that either are still there, or maybe it might be better to enumerate some of the many things and attractions that have long since been torn down, replaced or have otherwise vanished. Find some of the old images of things past that were on Route 66 or Route 66a and have a paragraph or two about them on your site.

Want to be coy? How about creating a site with things related to the number 66. Such a site would be unique and having the name US66a could make your site the place to go to for all things related to 66. was registered in August 2006 and hasn’t had a site on it since I’ve had it. It’s been parked and was the victim of my almost obsession of building websites, but they were about other topics. I never got around to developing it due to lack of time. Now you can buy the domain and start where I left off with a clean slate and a great domain name.

US 66 road sign

People doing business along Route 66 became prosperous due to the growing popularity of the highway. But years later those same people fought to keep the highway alive in the face of the growing threat of being bypassed by the new Interstate Highway System.

US Route 66 underwent many improvements and realignments over its lifetime, and it was officially removed from the United States Highway System on June 27, 1985 after it had been replaced in its entirety by the Interstate Highway System.

New Mexico Route 66 sign

Sign post in New Mexico

Portions of Route 66 that passed through Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, and Arizona have been designated a National Scenic Byway of the name “Historic Route 66”, which is returning to some maps. Several states have adopted significant bypassed sections of the former US 66 into the state road network as State Route 66.

How about creating a site with nostalgic information of this and other major highways? There are many of them around. Not all were replaced with Interstate Highways. If done right you could get some of those remaining businesses on such highways to possibly sponsor a page on the site about their town and/or business. It’s a creative way to monetize such a site. I am sure you can think of other uses for this versatile domain name.

I haven’t taken the time to think of or write about all the many things this easily to brand domain could be about. My US Route 66A nostalgia domain name (US66A,com) could be your entry into something nostalgia and a nice brandable website you would be proud to own. Don’t hesitate too long if you might have a use for this premium domain name. It rare that you’ll find such a premium short domain name with a real meaning that virtually everyone in the United States will recognize since parts of the old road still exist and now it an historic fixture in the country.

Wait too long and you might lose out or just maybe I’ll yank it off the for sale block and develop it myself. Who knows, maybe someone will make me an offer to be a partner with them and they develop the domain then buy it later once it makes some nice profits for both of us.

If you have any ideas about using this premium domain name that I haven’t covered please add them to the comments.

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