I Ask U about this Question and Answer or Forum Domain Name

By Charles L Harmon

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IaskU.com   SOLD

IaskU.com has been sold  

Click the above link to visit iAskU, one of my domain names parked at my registrar.

I ask you if you are an inquisitive person like me? It seems like I question everything. Not only that, I want to know the details about so many things I am interested in. Sometimes in the quest to find answers I visit sites like Yahoo Answers just to see what other people say or if they are asking the same or similar questions.

IaskU.com is a forum domain name for sale. It’s a domain name you can use to have your own question and answer site. It won’t initially have the status of some of the existing question and answer sites or forums, but the internet is a big place and you can carve out your own little niche or even a big niche. It’s easy; just specialize in the topics you are interested. That will give your site a sharp focus, then in and drive traffic to your site. Later after you build up content of lots of questions and answers you can expand with more topics.

question markWith iAskU.com you can finally make your mark on the internet. Best of all your visitors create the content of your site. That’s the perfect answer to a self-maintaining site. That’s what every webmaster wishes for but very few accomplish. There are not too many types of sites other than Q&A sites or forums where the visitors create all the content.

But there’s a problem if one wants to have a question and answer site. That’s the problem of money to have such a site built. Isn’t it expensive to have such a site created? It’s got to be custom made just to be able to handle Q&A responses. After all, custom sites are expensive just by the very nature of them being custom built. Not only that, if you have ideas of branding your site with your name like the big boys (or girls) then there is the very big expense of securing a short relevant domain name that could brand your site like these sites where the domain name is a powerful brand for the company and site.

interviewI’ve got the answer for that, securing a short memorable domain name relevant to what your site is about. For a small fraction of the tens of thousands of dollars, or more, that it will usually cost to get such a name, you can pick up iasku.com and make it your own for a fraction of that. That solves one major problem. Because it’s generic you could use it for any topic or all topics. It’s a perfect name for any type of Question and answer site. You could also use it for a forum type of site and it would make perfect sense in that context too.

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The other big problem is the website and would be much more complicated if you had to start from scratch. But that’s not the case if this applies to you. The solution to this is easy. With your purchase of IAskU.com I will include this great WordPress a Q&A theme created especially for such sites. Of course if you already have such a site or forum this is unnecessary.

Brand your Q&A or forum site with iAskU and you have an easy to remember short 5-letter domain name like so many popular sites. IaskU is a great name to start with and one that can accommodate almost any type of Q&A or forum site.

doubtYou may have other ideas in mind on how to use this great domain name and that’s to be expected. Click IaskU here to go to my registry to see other ideas. The domain name Iasku.com was purchased in 2004 but never had a Q&A site on it. I did put an article directory site on it years ago but never added any articles. It sat there for many years unused until very recently when I took it down since I was not using it and had decided to sell some of my unused domains.

IaskU is short, memorable, and aged. This type of domain is the best type of domain to have. It’s a great advantage for someone starting a new website. question markSmart site owners that already have a site that could use such a name as IaskU could set up a one page site with a few questions and answers or some other content and redirect traffic to their main site. Anyway you figure, this premium 5-letter brandable domain name can be a great asset for a smart business-minded person.

iAskU.com    SOLD