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Revuist – A Perfect Authority Review Site Domain that’s Brandable

By Charles L Harmon

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Click the above link to visit Revuist, one of my domain names.

Here is a fairly rare word that describes what a website using this domain name might do. It can give you an edge since the name stands out from the normal word review so it’s likely to be more memorable.

The dictionary definition of revuist is….


Definition of REVUIST
: a writer of revues

You could set up a site for either reviewing revues or reviewing other sites; other review sites, a particular category of website, the top 10 traffic getting sites in your country, etc. This short single word domain name would make an excellent brand for the discriminating person or business. on sale signWith revuist.com there is almost no limit to potential topics you could review in keeping with the spirit of the name. Here are a few other things that come to mind as I type this. How about reviewing plays, songs, sports teams, movies, latest women’s fashions, worst movie reviews, book reviews, and many more? Only your imagination is the limiting factor.

Originally I had a small site on the domain a few years ago where I reviewed internet marketing products. But my time was too limited to keep the site updated on a regular basis. There were just too many new products coming out every day to keep up with.

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So rather than be under a lot of stress and strain I decided to take the site down a few months after I put it up. You’ll however, be ahead of the game knowing this and choose a topic where you can be very selective in what you review. That way you’ll keep the quality up and your reviews can be more thorough.

reviewing documentBack in 2008 when I registered it I had big plans. They never materialized because I had too many sites and domain names and not enough time to handle them all. Now looking back I see I should have chosen another topic or niche and spend more time reviewing a much more limited number of products or websites. My loss is your gain should you pick up this valuable domain name while it is still available.

You will be very hard pressed to find a brandable domain name that easily could apply to so many things and still be relevant to what the site does. This makes revuist.com a very rare, usually not available domain name that a regular person, not someone with loads of money, could possibly afford to buy.

There is a limited opportunity for anyone to purchase this unique, easily brandable domain name. Now that I have thought more about the many possibilities or uses for the domain maybe I’ll create a website for it and hire someone to maintain it for me or alternately raise the price to be more in line with the much higher price it should be.

www imageIf you are at all interested in making use of this rare to find, easy to remember domain name you can brand to your site or business, don’t wait too ling. It might be off the market and you’ll lose out on a rare opportunity to purchase a high value domain at a reasonable price.

Revuist.com   Make Offer

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