A Provocative Domain Name if you Like Auctions or X-Rated Items

By Charles L Harmon

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Click the above link to visit X-Bid, one of my domain names parked at my registrar. is an easy to pronounce 5-character domain name that would be perfect for an auction site. It could be a regular auction site, a penny auction site, or a site relevant to its name – an auction site for X-rated items. Way back in August, 2004, I registered this unusual domain name when I was interested in buying four and five character domains for a potential domain investor business. I did collect several four and five character domain names but didn’t become a domain investor.

I sold off a few domain names back then and let most of the others expire. I only kept the ones I liked or thought had good potential for me to install a site on. Since then I did install sites on lots of the names I kept, but too many domain names and sites have made me have second thoughts about keeping most of them.

country AuctionSeveral years ago I put up a pre-made affiliate website that featured eBay auctions. I never promoted the site so it never got the traffic it needed to be really profitable, but it did make some sales, which considering no promotion and little content, surprised me. But other prospects with some of my other domains were more important so I ended up taking the site down after a short time. The domain has been parked at my registry ever since.

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Click Here and indicate domain name could be a nice brand for someone interested in some type of auction site. If you don’t live in the United States it could be a site selling X-rated services. You could sell X-rated movies or anything X-rated. Specialize in that and you might be the only site selling such items highly related to the domain name.

Whatever your idea might be for using x-bid you will certainly stand out from the crowd. When I registered the domain name dashes in the name were still in fashion, however, they have since fallen out of style now. auction gavelBut now, because of that and the connotation of the name, you can use the dash to your advantage. Nowadays it is rather unique to have a dash in your domain name. In, since it’s a very short name, the dash gives it a distinctive quality so it is no significant disadvantage for this name. Emphasize the dash on your site and in your ads, and it will brand your site as the go to site for whatever you are selling or promoting.

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If you have any inkling of creating an auction site or possibly for some other use, don’t ignore the potential of It is an interesting and thought provoking domain name and one you’ll be able to pick up for a reduced price for the time being. In fact the price has been reduced to under half the previous asking price earlier this year when I rejected an offer slightly below my $3600 minimum selling price. That person who made the offer lived in Europe and wanted to use the domain for a service promoting the world’s oldest profession.

Now, six months later, I’ve decided to reduce the price to less than half the previous selling price for a quick sale of this and many of my domain names that I don’t have any current plans for. x-ray hands
Get more ideas of what this short brandable domain name might be used for by clicking the View/Buy button below. Take advantage of this new lower price while it is still available.   Make Offer

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