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Myra Rock Tombs

Lycian rock-cut tombs in the form of temple fronts carved into the vertical faces of cliffs at Myra, Turkey. ?(168 BC – AD 43)

In addition to domains used for branding purposes, many of ours are also aged. Aged domains may also be used as a brand for your website. These aged domains are premium domains which we registered several years ago. Most of which never had a site attached to them, unless otherwise mentioned, except the default site provided by our registry.

Do you want an easy edge when you select a domain name? If free traffic from the search engines is something you need, and most sites could benefit from such free traffic, then having an aged domain will help even more.

Google, the 800 pound elephant in search engines, uses the age of a domain as one of the ingredients in their system of ranking sites. The higher the rankings, generally the more free traffic your site will get.

Aged piggy potteryWhat’s an aged domain? One that’s several years old. That’s my definition and not necessarily the actual definition. Here is an example of an aged domain. is a name I registered in July 2005. I had big plans for it to put up a website encyclopedia about pigs.

I never got around to it because my brother who was going to help me passed away, but its still something I’d like to do. If I could get a partner to do most of the work finding the contents to put on a site (I will build and maintain it) I would consider building a site. But right now I have too many irons in the fire so the domain is just sitting at my registry. This was one of about twenty pig related names I had at one time.

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Aged Domains For Sale